Let’s Feed Some Pigs


A blog post I never posted… Enjoy!

I flew into London from Italy on the 30th of July. I met up with a friend from high school whom I have not seen since then. He had offered a couch and to take me around town. He even picked me up from the airport! I had about a day and a half of sightseeing to do and he was extremely patient and up to pretty much any adventure. There were a few minor setbacks though.

When I got into London, the UK border was INSANE. I had not realized that it was a Friday and the start of a lot of people on holiday. I spent an hour and a half at the border in the airport and got waived on through in 2 minutes. That was the first setback. The second was when after we had drove for about 40 minutes, dropped off the car at a lot and started walking across the London Bridge and towards the bus.  Suddenly, I was feeling very ill. Like, shaking, clammy and just yucky. My friend was nice enough to ditch the sightseeing and go back to his flat and have ice cream and watch Black Mirror. We spent the rest of the next day sightseeing. I found Paddington Bear, yay! And was super impressed by Big Ben. I need more time in London next time.

I finally flew into Inverness, Scotland late that night and started my journey in the chilly weather of the northern Highlands.

The first week on the farm was amazing. The family that is taking care of me and the other Workawayer, are incredibly amazing people. Laid back, hardworking and great chefs! The first week, I have: Fed the piggies every morning, picked elderflowers for a homemade cordial, packed and processed farm fresh produce to sell at the market, worked the local farmers market, cut some cucumber chutes, picked strawberries and planted herbs and vegetables. I’ve also had time to check out a local town called Cromarty, hike, see a castle and have a movie night in with the family.

My favorite parts about this place are having my own caravan to live in. It’s cozy, it’s my own space and I have plenty of farm fresh food. I also love the piggies. They’re like muscly dogs and they love to be pet and scratched. They are a bit scary though when they are hungry, they are quite ravenous, but the reality is they won’t hurt you.

However, I heard that if treated badly and inhumanely, they will devour you. Bone and all. So be weary of pig farmers that don’t treat their piggies well and have them stay in tiny pens. 😉


Bikini Island

American culture and the rest of the world. While abroad I’ve noticed a great deal of difference in image culture. Although there are plenty of advertisements with almost naked women, eating pizza or just advertising for a perfume, the women here are not obsessed with looking like that. At least in my opinion. In America, during the summer, lots of women want the perfect bikini body. With this new body positive movement coming up with models like Tess Holiday, they say everyone has a bikini body. AND IT’S TRUE!

Before I left for Europe I bought a super cute 1-piece swim suit that’s black and white striped. I thought I’d be the best-looking chick at the pool/beach. I also thought that I would be too embarrassed to wear a bikini. I’ve got a little belly and some stretch marks and just didn’t feel comfortable. However, going to the pool I quickly realized I was the ONLY person there in a one-piece swim suit. There were women there tiny and big, boney and plump from all walks of life all in 2-piece swim suits. For someone who sees people down on themselves too much (including me) to sport your body however you like, this is amazing.

As I witnessed this and as I traveled more, some other things came up with body image. Since travelling, I have had little time (or interest) to primp myself everyday with makeup and nice clothes. Every so often I will get around to looking nice, but often it is just trousers and a t-shirt. I hardly shave my legs and arm-pitties and I almost never put on make-up or do my hair. And you know what? It feels good. I’ll be honest, there are some women I have met, who take the time out of their day/week while travelling to take care of themselves by grooming and putting on loads of makeup. But that life is just not for me while traveling. If you can do that, more power to ya. But I’d rather take that time and use it for something more productive. I can go back to looking normal when I stop traveling.

In short, the one wonderful thing I learned out here in this great big scary world of ours is: selflove. I am here to impress myself, not other people. Love yourself.