Question the Indigestion

Real talk…

About a month ago I came to the conclusion that food is ultimately better in Europe. I’ve also had this conversation several times in the last week, with natives of Europe and people who have traveled abroad to Europe from U.S.A.

Why do you ask? I have never once in my time in Europe, gotten indigestion from the food here. Except the few times I went to McDonald’s (but it’s McDonald’s, so it’s expected). The only time I have had any kind of stomach ache, is from eating too many dumplings with my goulash or over eating food here in Italy. Italians take their food very seriously and consider it an insult if you don’t eat what is given, at least in my experience.

The meat in particular is different. The best burger I have ever eaten was in Berlin. The U.S. has so much shit in their food: sugar, sodium, chemicals, etc, etc. Everything is pumped full of them. This is the reason you won’t find some American foods anywhere else in the world. Because they are banned from all the shiiiiiiiiiiiiit they put in it.

Don’t get me wrong, I looove American food. Especially shitty American diner food. I love a good burger, fries and milkshake and a side of ranch (I miss ranch so much, I dream about it on the daily). I love hollandaise sauce and over processed potatoes. I love fried foods and sauces and all the bad things that make life worth living. But….

I will be sad when I leave this magical place. So if you ever travel to Europe, especially if you’re a meat eater, even if you’re not (I won’t tell anyone you cheated on your vegan/vegetarian diet thing)…. eat the goulash, eat that weird meat, eat that unknown foreign meal full of deliciousness. You deserve it, cuz you won’t find that same quality in America.


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