Fiesso d’Artico

My first full weekend in Italy and I spent it with the family I’m living with. They treated me and another au pair to a small restaurant outside of town that mainly consisted of seafood. We had plates upon plates of tapas style dishes. Fish croquettes, clams, squid, octopus, more fish, more clams and pasta of course as a main dish. Everything was beautifully presented and the restaurant was family owned, so the entire experience was amazing.

I’m living in a small town just outside of Venice called Fiesso d’Artico, only a few kilometers long and a 1 hour bus ride from the main city/island of Venice. On Sunday we took a family bike ride (along with the sons scout troop) to a park about an hour away. I was given an old rusty cruiser bike to ride on, where I was sure it would fall apart on the way there. Surprise! It didn’t! We rode through lush green fields, farmlands, onto old sandy trails, followed the canal, through a small town which was hosting a 5k run of some sort and into the woods to the park. When we got there, I was on the tip of being sun burnt. I was happy I bought a hat in Budapest (or was it Prague?) to protect me. Such a good $8 investment. The sun blared that day and it almost hurt to stop due to lack of wind.

When we got to the park, we watched the troop play a rugby like game and we all sat down for lunch. Once that was over, the kids played out in the woods and I laid on the ground and took a long nap. Traveling has definitely got me use to sleeping in whatever comfortable (or uncomfortable) spot that’s available. I woke up an hour or several hours later… not really sure, and it was time to go. By the time we left, the wind had picked up, the sun was still beaming, our legs were sore, and my ass hurt so bad from the bicycle seat. We got back, cleaned up and went to bed.

This has been a fantastic experience so far. It’s total immersion on top of it, no one speaks English here except for a select few. Some of it is easy to pick up if you understand Spanish.

Anywho, I have a few more weeks here and this weekend I’ll be heading to Venice proper. But for now, it’s late for me… so…… ciao!


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