The Pesty Buda

After finishing my TEFL certification, then traveling to Austria and Germany, I spent maybe I week back in Prague before heading to Budapest for a month. I have to say it was one of the best and weirdest experiences of my life.

Pro: Meeting people from all over the world, free breakfast, sight seeing, patio lunch/dinner seating, warm weather, thunder and lightening storms, everything within walking distance, castles, spas, ruin bars, Hungarian wine, rockabilly karaoke, a permanent food truck alley and a bit of a grimy city feel to the whole place.

Cons: Sharing a 6 bedroom dorm with stinky boys where the room smells like farts and sweat. Also, no good kebabs anywhere.

I spent about half my time sight seeing but the other half was spent laying around watching Netflix and chilling with other hostel employees or guests of the hostel. The hostel life sucks you in with being lazy and just hanging out. Which isn’t all bad, it just distracts from the time you could be doing touristy stuff. Then again, I was there for a month and had the time to spare.

I met a few people who offered to wine and dine me, which was amazing since I’m super broke. Had tasty tapas, hiked around, drank wine, went to fancy restaurants and danced. The time went by fast in Budapest and I miss it a bit.

On to the next adventure… Italy!


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