Superstition Rendezvous

3rd week in a TEFL course and my brain is broken. I should be working right now, but I needed a break. So… grapes are good and so are blog post updates.

I finally got out of the city with some friends last Sunday and had a chance to see Karlštejn Castle. It was built in the 1300’s and is one of the most famous and visited castles outside of Prague. We went for lunch in the village of Karlštejn and I spent a whopping 430 crowns on a nice lunch of steak, potato croquettes, a salad and a beer. It was a lovely day outside to eat and a perfect stroll through a small village.

However, coming back home on the train… I went straight back into reality. I had a grammar lesson due the next day and hadn’t even started on it. A friend had invited me over to her town of Úvaly, where she had offered to feed me and help me out on my lesson plan. So I hopped on a train and off I went.

On my way to Úvaly, which by the way isn’t so far outside of Prague, I saw some lush green fields and beautiful forests from my window. So next weekend, if I survive this week in TEFL, I think I’ll head outside of the city and take a nice hike through the woods and greenery and be alone. I need to recharge a bit.

But for now…. it’s back to work I go. I have a lesson to plan and so little time to do it in.


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