Austrian Holy Water

This is an unfinished blog, and probably wont ever be finished. It’s been sitting in the queue for awhile…

Long story short in regards to the holy water, I basically bathed in it when I got to a church in Vienna.

We left on Monday from Prague and took 3 trains to Graz, Austria. Met up with a friend, drank some whiskey and did some night exploring around town. We spent a lot of time by the river, all talking and dipping our feet in. The night wasn’t too cold and it was worth a scraped hand on the rocks. I also happened to get a little too drunk and fall off of a statue/fountain about 3 feet up. I just wanted to lay there and die, but friends will be friends, and they made sure to get me off of the wet ground. We eventually wandered into a cool tavern before heading back to the flat for sleeps. It was a long day.

The next day we headed to Gösting, not too far out from the city center by bus. The day was cold, but it was bearable. We started hiking up and up and up towards the ruins of Gösting Castle. Halfway up it started to rain, snow and sleet. It felt good on my face. Kept my hung-over out of shape body cool. By the time we reached the top, the snow had stopped. We wandered around the ruins and found a pub at the very top with the most incredible view. We sat outside there, talked with the locals and chatted about life while admiring the castle cats that were leaping around on the trees. We watched the sky and could see the rain starting to come again, so we left back to Graz city center.

Once we got there, we had “kebobs”. Those things are freaking everywhere in Austria and Prague. They’re cheap, but delicious. We headed to the clock tower on Schlossberg hill afterwards to look at more views of the city. You can see from my featured picture on this post, that the staircase to it was quite intense. Actually it’s not as intimidating as it looks. The views are amazing, the clock tower has a great story, and there’s even a beautiful garden at the top.

Over the next few days, we had a party and a few nights of hibernating from the cold weather. On Friday morning we left Graz and headed to Vienna for the day. No plans except to the Wittgenstein House to view the architecture of Paul Engelmann with meticulous touches from philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. Afterwards we wandered and wandered and wandered. Vienna is much bigger than I have ever imagined. Our first stop was Belvedere Palace which we just happen to stumble upon. It’s beautiful, big and has some crazy history to it.


It’s Such a Perfect Day….

When you arrive in Prague, the airport is very small. You get out of the main gate and find a small lobby with plenty of taxis and people waiting with signs. On your way to your destination, there are things that no one tells you about.

There is graffiti everywhere. Traffic sucks. There are dogs that don’t have leashes. The transportation system is still easy and still amazing. Service is bad everywhere. Czech’s do not give a shit about you or your problems. The only old timey part with castles and red roofs is when you’re in Old Town. It’s beautiful and expensive there. And by expensive, I mean by Czech standards. Sure coming here for a vacation from an expensive country like the United States, 85 crowns (or more) is no big deal for a beer. When living here, I think the standard outside of Old Town or even in the country, 45 crowns is standard price.

The weather has been off and on with sunshine and rainfall. We all bask in the rays of the sun when it’s out. We creep out of the classroom on our breaks and get lifted outside to grab something to eat from Marks&Spencer or a pastry from the shop by the metro. Life has been stressful and not what I have imagined. I’ve basically relocated into another part of the world, only to find myself in the same situation. The only difference is lack of communication. I can say hello. I can say goodbye. I can ask your name. I can say thank you. My brain is on a level where education has been so dormant that all the input from this course, has overloaded me so much, that I can’t even start to comprehend learning conversational Czech.

Enough complaining though…

I have a busy month ahead. I have just barely started working on my visa. I have a trip to Austria planned, then to Berlin for a night… maybe 2 if I can, then back to Prague and off to Croatia for a month!

If you haven’t noticed, my Instagram has been lacking because I can’t connect to it here. Oh wells….

P.S. The food here is amazing.


Superstition Rendezvous

3rd week in a TEFL course and my brain is broken. I should be working right now, but I needed a break. So… grapes are good and so are blog post updates.

I finally got out of the city with some friends last Sunday and had a chance to see Karlštejn Castle. It was built in the 1300’s and is one of the most famous and visited castles outside of Prague. We went for lunch in the village of Karlštejn and I spent a whopping 430 crowns on a nice lunch of steak, potato croquettes, a salad and a beer. It was a lovely day outside to eat and a perfect stroll through a small village.

However, coming back home on the train… I went straight back into reality. I had a grammar lesson due the next day and hadn’t even started on it. A friend had invited me over to her town of Úvaly, where she had offered to feed me and help me out on my lesson plan. So I hopped on a train and off I went.

On my way to Úvaly, which by the way isn’t so far outside of Prague, I saw some lush green fields and beautiful forests from my window. So next weekend, if I survive this week in TEFL, I think I’ll head outside of the city and take a nice hike through the woods and greenery and be alone. I need to recharge a bit.

But for now…. it’s back to work I go. I have a lesson to plan and so little time to do it in.