Farewell Cascadia

I have been in Washington since 2008. We moved here just a few months after baby Zoe was born. It took me a solid 3 years to actually enjoy this place. It didn’t help that during our first winter here, it snowed for 2 weeks and we couldn’t get out of our driveway. No bueno for a Californian brand new to a cold state. I’m a little baby when it comes to the cold, and I just recently prepared myself properly for rain, snow and wind. I bought some rain boots and a parka. Recently, as in only a couple weeks ago… and really I just bought those things for my trip to Prague.

Perry Como wasn’t joking around when he sang “The bluest skies you’ve ever seen in Seattle, and the hills the greenest green in Seattle.” There is a huge misconception about Seattle and the surrounding areas getting non-stop rain all year long. Did you know Chicago, Dallas and Miami get more rain than Seattle? It only rains here about 150 days out of the year, that’s less than half the year. It’s cold and damp here, but the Summer months are totally worth the wait. There’s plenty of opportunities to go to the city to “plug in” and check out the attractions. You can walk around Pike Place Market, go on the Great Wheel, or check out all of the other awesome attractions. There is lots of art and even interactive art spread throughout the city. There are plenty of museums within walking distance (that is if you like to walk everywhere like me and save a couple bucks) or there is tons of public transportation to get you to the different neighborhoods. They just expanded the lightrail, there are tons of buses, a monorail that goes from downtown Westlake Center to the Space Needle, and a few ferries that go here, there and everywhere. Or if you don’t want to deal with all that, you can always catch an Uber or Lyft. Beyond the city there are plenty of opportunities to go hiking, sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, play dodgeball or basically anything else while the sun is out.

On that note, I’m going to miss it here. Last Monday was my birthday and last Friday was my last day of work. I have been incredibly social lately, which has lead me to take today to hide in my room and recharge a bit. I have been dragged out of my comfort zone to go bars, concerts, events I wouldnt’t normally go do. I got a chance to see how much of an influence I’ve had on people here and the people in my life in general. Not to sound like a sad sack, but I just assume people don’t like me as much as I think because I’m pretty openly honest and I don’t deal with passive aggressive bullshit. So thank you to everyone who has made my stay here in Washington State a good one. It’s been crazy and it’s been weird. I know I’m hard to deal with it at times, but you’ve made everything exciting and amazing and I appreciate your patience. Also… my California friends… you’re pretty amazing too. Especially since you’ve known me foreverrrrrrr.

Farewell Cascadia. ❤


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