Thanksgiving Travel Part 1

I have never traveled during Thanksgiving, I’ve never had to. I was anticipating all the horrible things like flight delays, traffic and 2 hour waits through security. That didn’t exactly happen.

I left early from work so I could give myself enough time to get home, make sure I had all my things ready to go and leave. Luckily, my roommates are awesome and gave me a ride to the ferry. If you aren’t familiar with the area I currently live, it’s a bit of a trek to get to the airport. 20 minute car ride to the ferry, 1 hour long ferry ride, 10 minute walk to the lightrail and a 40ish minute ride on the lightrail straight into the airport.

So I get into Seattle at 6:30pm from the ferry. 4 hours before my flight. Again, I’m anticipating horrendous airport security wait times. I’m a little anxious, clearly. But before I start heading to the airport, I remember there’s a small noodle house close by that always smells so delicious and I hadn’t eaten since lunch. So I stop in. It’s called Bibimbop. It’s a small restaurant with only about 10 seats. I order my food and sit down. Bedsides me, there’s a small group of people in the far end of the restaraunt. I just happen to over hear them talking…

“Yeah, I make soda bread sometimes. If you’ve never had it, the one way I can describe it is… If it were a beer it would be the darkest, richest most delicious beer you’ve ever had. It’s so good.”

Ahem. I’m sorry, in my opinion I would definitely not describe it as a delicious dark beer. It tastes like garbage. It’s hard and flavorless. But I grew up eating sweet bread, so what do I know? Anywho… The scene played out like I was sitting in a scene of Portlandia. The guy talking, who everyone in his group was so enthralled with, was a typical northwestern hipster. Beanie, plaid shirt and an ironic handlebar mustache. He went on about his soda bread making and how he lived in Portland for a short time and even talked about how amazing it was to live with vegans and learning how to cook their food.

The conversation kept me entertained until my food came. I had a stone bowl dol sot with chicken. It came with rice, noodles, broccoli, chicken and a fried egg on top. It was a bit spicy but overall good. If you like kimchi… They got plenty of that there. So if you’re into spicy asian food that comes in a steamy hot bowl, I’d definitely recommend going there.

Once I left I jumped on the lightrail and headed to the airport. I got there about 2 1/2 hours before my flight. I thought I was soooooo smart for coming early. I saw the crazy parking lot coming in and all the people rushing to the concourse to get through TSA. I finally get to the security gate. It took me 8 minutes to get through. What the eff? I was expecting hours and hours of waiting. No worries though. It gave me time to study my Czech since I have been putting it off.

The flight from Seattle to Charlotte wasn’t so bad. I was hoping to get some sleep, but I only dozed off a few times. Nothing significant. We did have some turbulence which didn’t help either. The last time I was on a plane with major turbulence, I was flying into Long Beach, California from New York. I thought everyone on the plane was going to puke. Do you ever sit in a plane and just accept that that is the way you’re going to die? I mean, chances are unlikely. Like REALLY unlikely. But let’s face it, you’re in a metal tube floating through the sky with no control over the situation. As soon as I take off, I just accept my fate. Once turbulance hits, I immediately go into Arnold mode and scream to myself “Do it! Do it now!” waiting for the plane to just catch on fire or break apart in the middle. I imagine I’d be happier with being sucked out of the plane and falling to my death and being liquefied once hitting pavement. Much better than being stuck in your seat with an explosion next to your ear and your arm being blown off.

(By the way, the Charlotte airport is crazy big. It’s like a giant mall and everything is so shiny.)

Too graphic? Happy Thanksgiving! Off to Tennessee I go. Part 2 will be all about my amazing adventure in Knoxville.


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